Photo by Mobeen Ansari

"a virgin to the dark side"
David Lynch

Elaine Hudson's photography is uniquely distinguished by her ability to explore and examine through the camera lens feminine topics and artistic issues. The New York City based photographer carries a camera with her where ever she goes, and captures digital masterpieces from almost every topic. Elaine, who has a college background in theatre studies and formerly worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, enjoys her many discoveries of the near-perfection of mannequins she finds in the New York City streets, and her trained eye and her enormous talent work together create photographs that bring an almost mortal quality to her unreal people. For Elaine, mannequins symbolize humankind's desire to portray the best-possible appearance when viewed, not to mention being photographed.

Elaine is doing commercial work along side of fine art, and she has taken upon herself a special mission of exploring the world of fine art nude photography. The models she works with are always vividly portrayed in her art whether it is in the studio or on location, and her specialty is establishing an intimacy with the models through looking with respect at each individualís attributes. This kind of post feminism is evident in Elaine's entire body of work.

Many other subjects lend themselves to her enthusiasm. She can scrutinize a model or a flower or a building until she gets those pictures that capture the very essence of the subject. Much of her architectural photography is done in New York where she is based and working, a place that is home to a plethora of magnificent architecture for her savvy eye.

Her photographs are an intense fluidity of color and texture, and there is always a subliminal intimation of her joy of living and creating. In her glamour shots her theatrical background is apparent along with her sense of style.

As well as photographing Elaine has gotten herself an expertise in photo editing that includes color correcting and improving images without taking away from the natural look and feel of an image. Her retouching is nearly unnoticeable because of the huge effort that is being put into each and every image to make sure the viewers get the best quality photograph while maintaining the originality of the image.

Elaine has developed a body of work that is wide-ranging and includes fashion and events photography. Elaine has done private events as well as public events always without giving up on her artistic sensibilities. In Elaine's Hudson's work for hire, commercial work is always fine art work as well.